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Adobe Flash Player Issues and Fixes While Installing Opera 44 Update


It seems that some users have some issues while trying to install the Flash Player on the Opera 44.0.2510.857. A user has reported that when it was trying to run the online installer of the “Flash Player”, he got an “Application initialization error” that was not allowing him to complete the installation.

The same user has added that he can’t find the location of a full or offline installer of the Adobe Flash Player and he has requested help. It didn’t take too long for an Adobe Staff member to answer, who asked the user what kind of antivirus (s)he is using.

The complainer has replied, saying that he is using “Trend Micro, Agent version 11.0.2995 Service Pack 1.” This was obviously not the problem and this is the reason why the Adobe Staff member has asked the complainer if (s)he is using a proxy.

We’re not sure why the Adobe Staff member has asked him about the proxy, as the online installer of Adobe Flash Player should work without any problems even when a proxy is enabled. In addition, the complainer has checked his “Control Panel->Internet Options->Connections tab->LAN Settings”, as the staff member has requested him and noticed that “automatic configuration script option” was enabled.

Finally, the Adobe Staff member said that “The online installer, which you’re using, downloads and installs Flash Player silently in the background.  It is my understanding that it’s supposed to work with proxy servers, but it appears this is the reason it’s failing. I’ll need to forward the log files to the online installer team for further investigation.”

However, it seems that if the complainer wants to use the Flash Player within an organization, (s)he will need to a “distribution license agreement” with Adobe and after that he will receive an offline installer (.exe or .msi) that can be used on PCs even if they are not connected to the internet.

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