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Adobe Flash Player Users Should Know This – Vulnerabilities are Being Exploited


Adobe has announced its plans to terminate Flash Player by the end of 2020. Even so, many webpage developers still use Flash Player. On Monday, Adobe Systems Inc has released an official statement in which it warns users that there are hackers exploiting vulnerabilities.


Flash Player users should act fast

Due to hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in the Flash platform for web browsers, Adobe wants user to patch their systems and secure their PCs.

The world famous Karspersky Lab Inc has revealed that BlackOasis, a group of hackers, has planted malicious software on computers on the 10th of October. After planting the malicious content the hackers connected the PCs back to servers in Bulgaria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The malware has been named FinSpy or FinFisher and it has been used as a commercial product by states or law enforcement agencies to spy.

The main targets are politicians

The Russian cybersecurity company believes that the main targets of the hackers are Middle Eastern politicians and some officials from the United Nations. Other small targets could be opposition bloggers, activists and regional news correspondents.

FinSpy is believed to have already made victims in Russia, Iraq, Ian, Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom.

What can Flash Player users do?

Adobe released a security update for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and other desktop version browsers. Users are encouraged to download the update patch in order to make sure they do not fall victims of the FinSpy program.

An alternative to Flash Player is HTML5 and many big companies have agreed that it is time for Adobe to retire its player. The termination date is July 2020 and other ways of powering media content online will be implemented. Developers are already working on this.

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