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Adobe Flash Player vs. HTML5 – The Future is Here


There was a time where we couldn’t even imagine loading dynamic media on web pages without the help of Adobe Flash Player. However, while Adobe’s media mediator has been a standard product to install on desktops across the world for many years now, the future seems to bring a Flash Player-free browsing experience.

Adobe Flash Player: More of a Nuisance than a Useful Tool

If you’ve never paid attention to such issues, you might wonder what the world has against Adobe Flash Player. Well, for one, the program has been a security nightmare in the past couple of years or so. And while Adobe does release monthly security patches and tries its best to fix any bugs, oddities and security threats brought upon by their program, it’s getting kind of annoying lately. After all, in this modernized day and age, can it be that hard to get security standard up to par?

This is why some websites have started experimenting with Adobe Flash Player-free video players. One of the pioneers of the movement happens to be Yahoo, the once-beloved site that hosted everything you might need, from an e-mail service to news and so on. However, as we all know, Yahoo has been quite the security nightmare itself in the past three years at least, forcing most of its longtime users to migrate to more reliable services such as Google’s Gmail and overall platform or news and such.

However, Yahoo isn’t quite ready to give up on itself. Thus, the website improved their famous HTML5 streaming system of its video player to work around the concept of adaptive streaming. Adaptive streaming is superior because it offers variable buffer sizing, as well as adaptive bitrate. Who knows, maybe Yahoo will regain some of the grace it lost among users with this new upgrade.

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