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Android O Brings Better Battery Life, Google Maps Improvements and More


As you may well be aware of by now, Google developers have been working hard in the last months on the newest scheduled installment in their famous operating system line. The project is being reported on under the working title of Android O. However, many people are very excited to find out what is the next deliciously sweet delicacy to be added to Google’s Android roster, after well-established names such as Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

While not much has been reported on the developing project, we do know a few things about it up to this point. Let’s take a look on what Android O promises to bring new to the table, and find out together if it will be a good OS to sustain business or not.

Smarter maps

While Google Maps is a pretty awesome app as is, Android O promises to make it even better. For example, say someone texts you an address of a meet-up point. In Android O, you will be able to tap the address directly in the text and it will open in Google Maps, and then you just have to press Start.

Better battery life

Anyone that own a smartphone knows that its battery life is amazing for about the first week since you buy it, and then it slowly decreases up to a certain point of no return. That’s all fine and well if you don’t use your phone for such important matters (let’s face it, Facebook and Instagram can wait until you get home), but if you work off your phone the story is a bit different.

However, this will all allegedly change with Android O, which promises its users an improved battery life. The new OS will do so by exerting a better management of apps that are running in the background, which we all know are the main culprits when it comes to draining out your bars.

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