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Android O Features That We Might Get To See


Even though the I/O event is more than a month away, we already know some of the plans Google has for Android O. The company previously released a Developer Preview for this system, and along with it we got to find out some interesting features we might get to see in the final version too.

Features in Android O:

  1. Better Settings menu. A new icon and some revamping are perfect for a new Settings menu.
  2. Stylish notification shade: more icons, such as Wi-Fi, SD card, battery and percentage, all make up for a great notification shade.
  3. Notification channels. Now you can control more of what you are seeing, and with the help of channels you can decide what type of alerts you need to see.
  4. Security improvements. Google made Android O even more secure against malicious apps that can threaten your phone’s security.
  5. Picture in picture. A tiny floating window lets you see a video while you work in other apps too. It previously appeared on the Android Nougat OS too, and TV users enjoyed it a lot.
  6. Icon badges. Similar to the iOS, now you can turn on icon badges that let you know the unread messages you have.
  7. More navigation buttons. Though we don’t know for sure what buttons will Google include in the end, it’s great that they plan to include more of them.
  8. Lock screen shortcuts. Shortcuts to your favorite apps help you save time when using your phone, so they’re a great addition.
  9. Battery benefits. Android O is going to restrict the background apps from determining your location, plus it will take care of battery-draining apps.
  10. Autofill options. The company will include an autofill API, thus allowing you to use a secure autofill method for password fields.

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