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Apple Crumble: 5 Common Mac Problems and How to Fix Them

Is your Mac computer having issues?

Apple products are expensive, but you get your money’s worth much of the time. Their products are second to none when it comes to quality, and they’re one of the most popular computer brands. But just because they’re made with the latest and greatest technology, doesn’t mean that the computers aren’t prone to glitches.

The best thing you can do as a Mac owner is to keep yourself informed about the most common Mac problems and how to fix them. Keep reading to learn more tips and tricks that will make you a successful Mac owner.


Five Common Mac Problems

You likely invested a large amount of money in your Mac computer, so you want to make sure it lasts. You also want to avoid costly trips to the Apple Store.

To help you save time and money, here are five common Mac problems and what you can do to fix them:

1. Connectivity Problems

Sometimes Mac machines will have connectivity problems. The easiest way to fix this is to tell your computer to forget the network and reconnect as if it was the first time.

To do this, all you have to do is go to System Preferences, then hit network and the advanced options button in the lower left-hand corner. This selection will bring up your preferred networks, or all of the WiFi networks you’ve connected your machine to in the past. Just find the one causing you trouble and select remove.

2. Applications Freezing

Sometimes your apps will freeze without warning and won’t let you do anything, including exiting out of them. When this happens, you need to force Mac to shut down the application.

To pull up Apple’s Force Quit option, hit Command-Option-Escape on your keyboard.  You can then select the application that’s giving you trouble and force it to quit.

3. Startup Issues

Macs sometimes have start-up issues. If your machine won’t start up, or you’re staring at a blank screen, you should try restarting your machine and starting up in Safe Mode. When you’re using Safe Mode, your operating system will only boot up the minimum amount of software and applications.

To use Safe Mode, start up your Mac and then hold the shift key. You can then log in to your account normally.

4. Slow Operations

If you find yourself continually staring at a spinning rainbow beachball, it’s time to check in your machine and see what’s causing it to run so slowly.

To do this, open the activities monitor to see what apps or websites are causing your computer to run slowly. You can easily pull up activities monitor by searching for it in the utilities folder which is within the applications folder.

5. Incompatible Login Items

A common Mac issue is that the user gets stuck on a blue screen when they try to log in. This happens when one of the apps you’re running is incompatible with your Mac.

To fix this problem, open System Preferences, then Users and Groups and finally select Login Items. From here you should be able to see what startup item is giving you trouble. Remove it and then try restarting your Mac.

Consult a Professional

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fix every Mac issue on your own. You can still avoid an expensive trip to the Apple store by consulting an independent Mac repair professional. Macbook Repair Dubai, for example, offers a bunch of free benefits that you’d never get at the Genius Bar.

Learn More About Maintaining Mac Products

Mac products are known for their quality, so if you maintain them properly, they’ll last you for years and years. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips and tricks to keep your Mac problems away and your machine running smoothly.

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