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Apple iPad 2017 – Should You Buy One?


It’s no secret that Apple has started its yearly launches strong, and allegedly will continue to put out new products until the very end of this year. If you’re a big Apple fan, you most likely already want to buy the new Apple iPad that released this year. We tested the tablet out and came up with as complete as a review as possible, so as to help you decide whether or not you need to buy it. Let’s begin.

Is It Worth It?

The new Apple iPad is the most affordable design in its line yet, coming in at just 329 dollars. That might still seem like a lot, but if you’re familiar with the price of Apple devices, then you will now that it’s clearly dirt cheap. So, is it worth the price? My answer would have to be that yes, it’s totally worth every penny.

The best feature of the iPad 2017 is its astounding battery life. Personally, I managed to use it almost constantly for 16 hours and only had to charge it once. Apple actually claims that the tablet can be used for anything you like for up to 10 hours before needing to be plugged in. However, it’s to be noted that, due to its affordable price, the specs are also more limited than those of the iPad Pro. The iPad 2017 has just 2GB of RAM on an A9 chipset, but it still manages to perform quite well.

Overall, the iPad 2017 is a pretty good tablet, and it’s totally worth buying if you’re in the market for an affordable Apple product. Just remember not to expect it to be as good as their Pro line, because it obviously won’t be. The iPad 2017 is a mid-range Apple product for those of us out there that want to try out an Apple product without having to spend an excessive amount of money on it.

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