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Android O Update – Should You Install It Or Not?


In March this year, Google announced the release of the first developer preview for the Android O. In case you don’t know, Android O is the upcoming major software update for smartphones and tablets running on Android. It is just a developer preview, and some call it a beta version. However, should you install Android O or not?

Reasons to Install

  1. If you want to test new things and challenge yourself. In case you like finding out what’s new before everybody else, then you should install it. However, it may not work properly and it will have lots of bugs.
  2. Having issues with Android Nougat? Some devices have reportedly been having issues with the Android Nougat, so if you want to get rid of them, it’s a good idea to test Android O.
  3. Improved notifications and battery life. These are two of the main advantages that attract people and make them install Android O. Notification channels organize your notifications, while an improved Doze app helps battery life.
  4. Think of the greater good. If you install it, you help developers fix bugs and improve what is to be improved, so that the final version would be awesome.

Reasons Not to Install

  1. You only use one device. There is a high chance to damage your device if you do tricks with the Android O, so if you only have one device, don’t risk it.
  2. You don’t know how it works. The update addresses skilled developers, so if you’re not prepared and don’t know what you’re doing, better not install it.
  3. You can’t deal with issues. If you don’t have time or patience to deal with the issues, bugs and other problems, don’t install it! There are plenty of them.
  4. You travel. If you’re up for traveling, an Android O device will only cause you issues, so better not!

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