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Aptoide APK Enables You To Download More Apps Without Restrictions


Did you know that there are other Android app stores aside from the official marketplace developed by Google? One of them is the app store named Aptoide that has become popular these days.

However, Aptoide is not a centralized and unique store unlike the Play Store where users manage their own stores. It also has some other versions intended for specific versions, such as smart TVs, kids, and VR capability.

The Aptoide concept has been inspired via the advanced package tool or APT packaging manager. This enables the app to work with multiple sources or repositories. Thus, it allows you to search for sources where the application has been stored.

The store is also available in 40 different languages with over 97 million users in 2015 and downloads at least 2.8 billion. You will be able to find more than 700 thousand Android apps when you use Aptoide.

  • With Aptoide, users can download any app version, including one that has no longer been released
  • You can also share Aptoide apps easily without the need for third party apps
  • You can’t download any app without Gmail account from the Google Play Store, but with Aptoide, you can use any email account to download any game or application
  • You can also downgrade or update apps easily
  • Aptoide has a very user-friendly interface and easy to use. You simply need to tap on the icon to download the app instanty
  • With the partnership program of Aptoide, users can set up and manage their own retails with Android store partners
  • You can also upload apps from the Dropbox folder if you are an app developer
  • Developers are also allowed to publish and monetize apps via the publisher program

Link to Download Aptoide

You can visit the link to download Aptoide. However, for low-end devices, you can visit the link For set top box and smart TV users, you can visit

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