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Are we ready for PandaApp

PandaApp, the latest craze


PandaApp is a site wherein you are free to download some games and apps that you would like on your mobile phone. Recently, it launches a new feature that works like Snapchat since it helps you communicate with your love ones. But, it does more than communicate with your friends since it creates an avatar that makes voice messaging a little more exciting.  If you mention something like an ice cream then it would create an emoticon for an ice cream. Some people thinks that this is the coolest apps they have seen since it makes chatting a little more fun than it is ready is.


Are we ready for it?

This is not the first time that we have been presented with a speech recognition software since this technology has long been invented and one that utilize this powerful software is Google Cloud. It recognized speech and converted it into text. Wherever you are, it can help you since it has 120 languages in its database. However, it doesn’t create an avatar like the way that PandaApp does. It creates messages through speech, but it would be boring to read since an avatar makes communicating lots more fun. Facebook might not have an avatar, but it speech recognition software is really fun to use, and that is why we love it.

Facebook VS PandaApp

Both these sites let you to chat or play games, but it differs in a way where it concentrates. Facebook concentrates on letting you communicate with your love ones, while the other got a technology that lets you to chat with your love ones. In short, Facebook does more communicating than just games, while the other made entirely for gaming. You can’t just use the PandaApp because you would need a mobile device before you can do that while the Facebook made sure that they everyone can use it since it can utilize most of the devices such as mobile phone, computer and iPad.

PandaApp is created by 18 year old Faniel Singer while Facebook was the creation of Mark Zuckerberg during his college years in his small dormitory. Both are go-geters as they started to reach for their dreams at a young age.

Google Cloud Vs PandaApp

Google Cloud was created so that users they would be having the market for itself. With it, you would be able to create text by simply saying your message. There is no need to type in it word per word. It has a global user database that enables enable voice command-and-control, transcribe audio from call centers, and more. PandaApp specializes in games for mobile phones. It created the voice recognition software so that it can offer more than just games to its user.


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