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Steam Summer Sale Exact Date In June 2018 Leaked From Database


Steam sale from Valve would give huge discounts to its gamers. This includes the upcoming titles that bear 15-90% discounts.

Thus, it is not surprising to know that gamers are looking forward to the next big Steam sale, which happens during summer. That’s why gamers are always on the look out for the Steam summer sale, which has reportedly been leaked.


Leaked Information

According to the Steam Database website, the Steam summer sale would start on the 21st of June 2018. This is so because last year it was on a Thursday June 22.

This means that it might happen on a Thursday as well, which is on June 21, 2018. Last year, it also ran around 13 days that ended on July 5. This year, there is a great possibility that it will run for 14 days, so as not to end on a July 4 date.

There was an incident last year that Steam went offline with users during the sale. Users expect Valve to do better than that to avoid any possible errors that have occurred that time.

Top Digital Distribution Platform

If you are not familiar with Steam, then you are not a regular customer of products offered by Valve. Basically, Steam is developed by Valve Corporation as a digital distribution platform.

Among the services offered by Steam are multiplayer gaming, digital rights management, social networking, and video streaming services. Steam also offers users with installation and automatic updates on games.

Big Market Share

As the biggest digital distribution platform for gaming on PC, the Steam platform has been estimated to have 75% of the market in 2013. In 2018, its service has earned more than 150 million registered accounts.

If you are among the many who are looking up to the big summer sale this June 2018 from Steam, then you have to stay tuned to this website for more updates regarding the upcoming event.

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