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Are You Hackproof? 5 Network Security Measures Your Company Should Take Immediately

In a shocking study done by Clark’s School of Engineering, it was found that on average computers are attacked every 39 seconds by hackers searching for vulnerabilities.

Network security issues are a real problem that many businesses face today. If you own a business then you are at risk. These days hackers are always seeking ways to steal data in order to gain illegal access to company funds and whatever other valuable assets they can get their hands on.

Although you know that the threats are real, you may be wondering what network security measures you can use to prevent your system from being compromised. Fortunately, there are several things you can do.

Here are five of the top measures you can use to make sure that your network is secure.


1. Keep a Close Eye on Things

Make sure you have a firewall installed, once you install it to make sure that you keep a close eye on incoming and outgoing traffic. Try not to rely only on the firewall alert flags that are normally given when there is dangerous activity lurking.

With that being said, it is often difficult for an employee who is not trained to recognize that there is a problem. The best thing you can do is to get specialized training for people on your team so that they can recognize threats to your firewall and report it.

2. Stay Up to Date

Keeping abreast of the latest information is critical. This is because hackers are always finding new ways to penetrate security systems.

There are websites on the internet where you can keep up up-to-date on the latest threats. You can sign up to get alerts from them about the latest dangers.

3. Don’t Ignore the Basics

Often it is a failure to make sure that the basics are up-to-date that can lead to network security vulnerabilities. This means that you should ensure that your firewalls and your antivirus software are updated on a regular basis.

You should also ensure that your employees are using strong passwords and that these passwords are changed from time to time.

4. Don’t Ignore the Small Things

Watch out for small changes in your system. For example, one of the major red flags of a security breach is the inability to log quickly into an email that was fine the day before or a few hours prior.

It is tiny suspicious activities like these that should be reported immediately to IT support. Often hackers will test small vulnerabilities to see what they can get away with before launching a full-scale attack on your security system.

5. Control Access to Information Within Your Network

In an organization, not everyone should have access to every area of your network. It is important that you regulate who has access to sensitive information.

This will make it easier for you to identify where your security vulnerabilities are or who may have caused a breach in your security.

A Final Look at Network Security Measures

Network security measures are important in any organization.

You must be able to recognize vulnerabilities in your security system as soon as they occur. This can be done by staying up-to-date with the latest information about network security dangers.

You should also make sure that your software is always up-to-date. Train your employees to recognize vulnerabilities as soon as they occur and put measures in place to deal with these vulnerabilities quickly.

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