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Get Informed and Inspired: 10 of the Best Tech Podcasts

Do you want to learn the latest news on tech? Are you looking to tickle your brain with informative and insightful discussions? 

Podcasting is the new online radio. In 2013, only 19 million Americans listened to podcasts. Nowadays, over 62 million Americans tune in to podcasts every week.

Below, we’ve got a list of 10 of the best tech podcasts you should listen to.


1. Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

Have you got the time for tech podcasts with 30-minute episodes? If you don’t, listen to Tech Taker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Tech World. It’s got a long title, sure, but we’re certain you’ve got the gist of it.

Each episode lasts between 5-6 minutes only. It’s enough time to fill you in on the practical pointers on techie things. It’s the perfect thing to listen to if you live within walking distance from work.

Like the title says, it’s a quick and dirty way to learn about the tech world. Tech Talker gives you concise tips and advice on a variety of tech-related things. Listen and learn to avoid spam, cut back on mobile data, and more.

2. Stuff You Should Know

The HowStuffWorks team presents Stuff You Should Know. If you ever wanted to know about how things worked, this is the podcast to listen to. It covers everything from satanism to police body cameras, to giraffes.

Episodes on tech and science make up various episodes of this podcast. Did you come looking for tech episodes only? Listen to this podcast and there’s a chance you’ll walk away with other information too.

The podcast also has short episodes for listeners who can’t commit to hour-long episodes.

3. Rocket

Are you looking for tech podcasts where you can get your geek on? Listen to Rocket. It talks about tech, books, games, moves, and more. 

Listen to hosts Christina, Brianna, and Simone share their knowledge and enthusiasm on geeky stuff. If you want a good place to start, listen to episode #257: Not Even Netflix. They talk about the Gadgets of the Decade, discuss the new Mac Pro, and more.

Starting a podcast isn’t a walk in the park. If you want to know how then take notes of how these girls do it. It’s one of the best podcasts to learn from about before you create your own.

4. Mac Power Users

Are you a big Apple enthusiast? Even if you aren’t, Apple users can learn a ton from this podcast. You’ll learn not only tips and tricks abut also how to use your devices in different situations.

Don’t let the title fool you into thinking they’ll only discuss Macs. The podcast covers topics on optimizing your use of the Mac and other Apple products. Their product reviews are a must-listen if you’re planning to buy a new Apple product.

The podcast features guests from various professions. They share their experiences working on their Macs and the hacks to make their jobs easier. Topics also feature troubleshooting, hidden tools, and more.

5. The Mission Daily

Every day, the world is changing, and that change is coming faster than ever. The best way to adapt to this new world is to learn as fast as possible. The Mission Daily helps those interested in accelerated learning. 

It focuses on topics that matter. This includes scientific studies, tech, and actionable insights. Listening to this podcast gives you not only knowledge but also wisdom and wealth.

The Mission Daily is by Other podcasts by include The Story and The Future of Cities. It also created the IT Visionaries podcast, which features conversations with Fortune 100 tech leaders. 

6. Clockwise

If you want a podcast focused on current technology issues, listen to Clockwise. The podcast features two guests every episode. Each week, they talk about four tech topics in a rapid-fire roundtable discussion.

It sticks to its 30-minute limit per episode and features a range of tech topics. This ranges from the Roomba to Windows 10, to data sharing. Whatever the latest tech news is, you can be sure that Clockwise will catch wind of it and talk about it.

7. Analog(ue)

Few podcasts discuss the true effects of technology on our society. Analog(ue) discuses today’s digital devices and how it changes us. Whether it’s for better or worse, hosts Myke and Casey will talk about that possibility.

Its human touch puts a spin on the typical tech podcast. It’s one of the best tech podcasts that share with you more than hard facts or practical information. Analog(ue) also gives you a better look at how society works, as influenced by technology.

8. Anatomy of Next 

Are you a creator yourself? Do you feel inspired by technological advances that focus on creating a better future for humanity? If you do, put Anatomy of Next in your weekly must-listen list.

The podcast releases episodes focusing on problems that help solve humanity’s crises. The Founders Fund is the firm behind the Anatomy of Next podcast. It’s also the same firm world-renowned for investing in SpaceX, Airbnb, and Stemcentrx.

9. Note to Self

If you love movies that depict the worst-case scenarios that technology can bring us, you’ll love this one. The time to doubt technology isn’t done yet. After all, we already have artificial intelligence that can improve itself.

Note to Self stops you in your tracks and makes you question a little about the world. Can phones endanger our personal communication skills? Can our TVs watch us in turn?

Let this podcast make you question things. Ask them to a friend and have a discussion. You’ll get some answers by the end of the episodes.

10. If Then

If you have a curiosity for technology, society, and power, If Then is the podcast for you. If Then focuses on the technology that makes up our world. Hosts Will and April then delivers ideas, ideologies, incentives, and biases that underlie that technology.

They cover everything from fake news to TikTok, to Google. They tackle the latest issues and news, and they get even more curious from there. They might be able to explain why the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t street-legit.

Tune In to These Tech Podcasts!

These are the 10 best tech podcasts you should listen to right now. These podcasts are great for techies, geeks, and even those who are only looking for something to educate themselves with. They’re great choices to learn from and get inspired by.

Did we miss your favorite tech podcast? Do you want to read more content like this? Go ahead, check out our other posts for more informative guides like this.

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