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Best Android Antivirus and Security Applications


It is known that as soon as a virus hits the news, the question of antivirus security comes into question and users needed not fret, as there are plenty of options of antivirus and anti-malware to choose from. If it is simply keeping your phone healthy or preventing theft of data, then there is a good variety of apps to choose from

Kaspersky Internet Security

Regarded as a strong anti-virus and security software on the PC, Kaspersky has moved into the mobile application market for the Android. The application provides call and text control, anti-virus, anti-theft and anti-phishing features. It provides real-time protection, web protection, and some privacy options. However, if you want the full package then you will have to purchase the premium version of the app. Luckily, there is a 30-day trial available with the premium features that can be downloaded and tested.

CM Security

CM security, or Clean Master, is a security software provided by Cheetah Mobile and provides a host of anti-virus and security capabilities for free, with the ads of course. Although, they can be removed by paying a nominal monthly fee of $.99c.

As far as features are concerned, it attempts to offer everything that could be possibly needed. It provides browsing protection, anti-virus, battery saving, app protection and privacy. What this software manages to do is that it takes all existing features and attempts to simplify it for user-friendliness.

When CM security identifies a potential threat, describes what it is and then provides you with options as to what you want to do afterwards. Perhaps this might come as a disappointment to those who love spending time in menus and tweaking settings. A more realistic drawback, however, is that it will continuously tell you about other applications made by Cheetah that will help you. It is a free application, so that is expected.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a popular software available for download. To start with, it is very dedicated in the job of preventing malware reaching your phone. Secondly, it comes with a minimalistic interface to help ease navigation and well-chosen option tabs.

It is relatively lightweight when compared to other options, and comes free with real-time protection. Besides offering malware protection, it has a privacy audit feature that can scan all the application on your phone and separate them into different categories, this will permit you to overview them.

A category that should come to your attention is the ‘’Apps that can cost you money’’. This quickly assesses what potential weak spots your security has and will guide you into turning them off. This will include things like turning off the ability to install applications from 3rd party sources and also the developer’s options.

It does not offer the array of features that other antivirus apps have but it does good what it does.

Avast Antivirus & Security

Another Antivirus security package made popular on the PC is Avast. Included in the package is an entire list of features that can improve security, boost RAM, clean out the junk and fulfil other requirements.

It is a modular system and will require you to download extra applications should you need anything else besides what it provides. On the simple protection side, Avast has an at-the-ready scanning system, the ability to check security of the WiFi connection and to lock out specific applications.

It has a firewall option available, but it is required of you to have the phone rooted. As is the case with any free-applications, it has ads, most of them promoting other applications by Avast, but they are not too distraction. Most of them are applications that are supposedly going to improve your current suite.

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