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Big Career Moves: How a Coding Bootcamp Could Help You

Do you feel your career is stagnating? Does it seem there is not much room for growth in the workplace? Then perhaps you need to make a huge career move by learning about coding.

With people becoming more dependent on technology, the need to learn how to code becomes more glaring than ever. Though some areas in the United States are teaching coding in their classrooms, there is still a lot more grounds to cover.

Since you’re already working, one of the best ways is to join a coding bootcamp. 

But do coding bootcamps work? Is paying for a bootcamp worth the investment? Continue reading below as we discuss how joining one can help take your career to the next level.


What Is Coding?

Before you join any coding bootcamp, you must first understand what coding is. In layman’s terms, coding is writing a programming language. This language serves as the script that the computer understands.

It is the script that tells the computer how it performs certain tasks. It also determines the way a computer behaves and acts. Coding also helps developers create apps, computer software, and websites.  

Though coding may seem easy to understand, the reality is it involves numerous intricacies. Though there are online coding tutorials available, they still do not match the benefits a bootcamp offers.

Joining a camp helps you learn faster. Since you are following a program, you have no choice but to follow the camp’s schedule. Moreover, you get to enjoy both a cohesive curriculum and mentorship. Combine these two and you’ll progress faster.

Coding Bootcamp: Reasons to Join One

Though some may feel joining a coding bootcamp is more of an expense, they cannot be any farther from the truth. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ways a bootcamp can help you in your career and as a person.

Save More Money

Even if you have to pay certain fees, joining a bootcamp will save you more money. Compared to what you have to pay in universities, bootcamps are relatively cheaper. 

Some bootcamps like Azure DevOps Bootcamp charge you under $2,000 for a six-week course. Others may charge a bit higher, depending on the features of the packages.

On the flip side, enrolling in some of the bigger schools can cost you around $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

Focus More on the Subject

Another benefit of joining a bootcamps is you can focus more on the subject. Since universities offer a broader curriculum, you may take some courses and subjects that do not relate much to coding. 

Meanwhile, bootcamps allow you to focus solely on coding. 

Bootcamps do not come with general education requirements. The subjects are all about coding and programming. Furthermore, you can expect intense lessons.

Some bootcamps use a structure similar to that of a full-time job. This means spending 40 hours a week in classes at the very least. Furthermore, you will get more attention from your instructors.

Considering the smaller size of your bootcamp class to a university setting, your teachers can focus more on your inquiries. They can guide you much better as the lessons become harder.

Get More Motivation 

Considering how tough the coding lessons are, bootcamps allow you to draw extra motivation from your classmates. Coders require a dependable support network. These are people who share the same ideas and interests that they have about coding and programming.

In a bootcamp, you have fellow students encouraging and supporting one another. Moreover, you and your classmates can hold one another accountable. You can remind each other of your home works and other tasks.

You can share ideas especially when solving problems. You can develop teamwork and strengthen relationships.

Enjoy a Higher Starting Salary 

After completing the bootcamp and acquiring new coding knowledge, you can command a higher salary. Whether you’re applying to a new company or aiming for a promotion, you can pitch for a higher paycheck than before. 

Newbies who only learned about coding upon joining a bootcamp make an average of a little over $70,000 on their first jobs. Furthermore, you can enjoy an average salary increase of 50.5%. This is more than enough to cover your bootcamp expenses.

Additionally, you will have more confidence to say “no” to prospective employers who lowball you. With your knowledge, you know that other lucrative opportunities are waiting for you.

Make More Impact 

With your knowledge of coding, you are likely to make a bigger impact on the tech industry. You can now understand technical conversations that you never thought you would understand. 

You can participate in discussions that involve complex terminologies involving programming. In turn, you can provide your inputs and suggestions. You can become a catalyst for change and improvement.

Open Up New Networks

Joining a bootcamp also gives you a chance to expand your network. You can connect with other tech professionals who can link you to different job opportunities.

You will never know who you will bump into in a bootcamp. There are fresh graduates and there are professionals who wish to expand their skillset. Others who have links to large companies are always in need of coders and programmers.

Who knows, you may even find a potential business partner.

Build Your Career

Last but not least, you can build your career in many different ways. First, you can join a company that offers lucrative paychecks for coders. You can work as a software developer or a tech consultant.

You can also take on the path of a freelancer. Several companies outsource manpower. You will find numerous firms that are looking for freelance coders.

The good thing about this is you can arrange your schedule and demand the rates that you want. Additionally, you can look into opportunities outside the tech industry. There are opportunities outside computer science that require a high level of understanding of coding languages.

Never Stop Learning

Joining a coding bootcamp is an investment that goes a long way. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge, but you will also expand your network and open up new opportunities.

But learning never stops inside a bootcamp. Continue to expand your knowledge by checking out our other blog posts.

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