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Chances Are the iPhone 8 Will Not Be Better than the iPhone 7S


If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, then you most likely know that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, the world’s most unanimously acclaimed smartphone of all time. Yep, the first every iPhone came out ten years ago, in 2007, and Apple’s flagship line has been rocking the tech world ever since with every launch. And now, towards the end of 2017, Apple will launch the anniversary edition of the iPhone, which will most probably be called either iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as far as rumor has it at least.

However, seeing as last year’s initial launch of the iPhone 7 was a disaster (mainly due to the most user-hostile decision of all time, namely taking out the headphone jack), many fear that Apple will try to do something innovative again with the iPhone 8 and fail miserably. This is why the also upcoming launch of the iPhone 7S is the event many users are actually excited for this year.

But Why?

You might wonder what’s wrong with the iPhone 8. Well, as far as we know, the device will have a curved glass display, and no home button, which means the fingerprint scanner will have to move someplace else. And while Apple has hinted towards a screen-integrated scanner, we all remember what happened before the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch. Thus, many people believe Apple will face the same issue, and will be forced to move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the hone, much to the dismay of many users.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7S will be maybe just as good as the iPhone 8 (as it has been the case with many S devices in the past), and for a fraction of the price. With the iPhone 8 already shaping up to a whopping 1000 dollars, maybe it’s best that we wait this one out and go for the iPhone 7S instead.

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