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What Should You Choose Between Gmail and Outlook?


Remember when e-mail first came out and it was everyone’s favorite way of getting in touch with friends, lovers and even relatives? Well, while personal communications might have shifted away from e-mails and more into the realm of instant messaging, e-mails are still a pretty valid means of communication when it comes to more official matters, such as school or work. If you’re a student or worker in the corporate environment, then you know how crucial it is to organize your e-mails properly and use a service that is reliable.

After all, we all know how unpleasant it is to think you’ve sent an e-mail and then subsequently find out that it didn’t reach its destination. Yes, we’re looking at you, Yahoo. While Yahoo was everyone’s favorite e-mail service back in the day, it’s time we’ve acknowledged it for what it really is: a security nightmare. Thus, the real battle of the e-mail services is between Gmail and Outlook. So, which one is the best when it comes to e-mailing?

Gmail vs Outlook

Truth be told, both Gmail and Outlook are very sturdy and reliable e-mail services. Both of them have great organizational features, are fast and safe, and will almost never let you down when you need to communicate something important. So how can you choose between them? Well, if you’re in need of a good e-mailing service for your business, you need to consider what others in the company use. If your coworkers are on Outlook, it would be odd to be the only one on Gmail, and viceversa.

Similarly, if you’re a student and need to choose a reliable e-mail address for your school work, see what your colleagues use first. This will help teachers as well, because it’s easier to form groups and organize chats if everyone’s using the same service.

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