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Chrome 57 Speed Up with These Tips and Tactics


There are many articles out there, which are suggesting you to clear the cash of your browser or disable some extensions that are slowing down the Chrome 57. Well, today we will give you some other tips, which you can use to increase the speed of this popular browser.

Enabling Hardware Acceleration

Not many know, but you can enable the Hardware Acceleration on your Google Chrome to make it faster. To enable this feature you will need to head to the browser’s Settings->Advanced Settings and make sure that “Use hardware acceleration when available” feature is checked.

Removing Web Applications

If you are a person who installs much stuff on his computer then you could have installed a web application and you’ve forgotten about it. We suggest you to remove some of these web apps by opening the Google Chrome 57 browser, write “chrome://apps/” in the address bar and hit ENTER. From there you will be able to see which web apps you’ve installed on Google Chrome 57 and uninstall them.

Scroll Prediction

There are many things that you probably don’t know about Google Chrome 57 and other versions of the application that are still experimental. However, keep in mind that some of these tweaks are not that well optimized, but there are some which can really spped up your browsing experience.

Scroll Prediction is one of those tweaks, which will predict your finger movements and it will render the next frame ahead of you actually scrolling. This can be very useful when you are reading a long article as it will render the next section right in time.

To enable this open the Google Chrome 57, write in the address bar “chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-prediction” and hit ENTER. Somewhere at the top of the page you will notice a “Scroll Prediction” feature and an option to “ENABLE” it. Just click on “ENABLE” and re-launch the browser to activate it.

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