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Cuba, China, Iran And Other Countries May Finally Get Google Play Store


As you probably already know, Google Play Store is not available everywhere and many countries don’t have phones that come preloaded with Google Apps. This was an unfortunate situation for both Google and the population in those countries since Google did not have access to a large market and the users had to find other ways to get the apps, ways which come often with a potential risk. However, this is about to change. New information revealed that Google Play Store will soon reach new users.

Google Play Store might become available in new countries

China, Cuba, Iran, Macau, Myanmar and Sudan all are countries that do not have access to Google apps. But there is some good news for these countries. Google recently added these countries to the Google Play Developer Console. This change was reported by Reddit user stereomatch. As it turns out, these countries also appear in the support section of Google Play Store. However, while these countries will get Google Play Store, they won’t be able to buy paid application nor can they buy in-app purchases.

Right now they only have access to free apps, and only the apps that are free to launch in that country. Macau appears to be the only exception. This country is able to buy paid applications or get in-app purchases. However, Google Play Store will probably try to allow everyone to purchase applications in the future

Users won’t have to use unsafe methods anymore

This news is great for these countries. If users can find applications through official means, they won’t have to use APK websites or other methods that can leave them vulnerable and cause security issues. With Google Play Store they can install applications without facing a potential danger.

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