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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Pixel 2 – Better Chips Comparison


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the best Android chip at the moment and it turned the Galaxy Note 8 into the fastest Android smartphone.  There is no Android flagship devices that were able to beat the Galaxy Note 8 and it came to speed. However, the Samsung handset was expecting a powerful rival. Pixel 2 was supposed to get a newer Snapdragon chip version and finally dethrone the Galaxy 8. But that won’t happen anymore, let’s find out why.

Mobile leaker Evan Blass predicted the Snapdragon 836 CPU

Evan Blass is a well known leaker and the Android community trusts him because he delivers accurate information. A while ago, he was one of the first persons who announced that Pixel 2 will come with a Snapdragon 836. Now that we know that’s not true and Pixel 2 will have an 835, we had to see what Blass has to say.

Qualcomm delayed the chip

Evan offered an explanation for the lack of 836. He still trusts his initial reports because “the source has proven accurate time after time”. According to him, Pixel 2 was supposed to come with the Snapdragon 836 because Qualcomm assured the company that the chip will be ready on time. However, it turns out that Qualcomm decided to delay the Snapdragon 836 until early next year so Google had to use the 835 chip.

We do not know for sure if that is the truth and we can’t expect a confirmation from Google or Qualcomm. We will see if Evan Blass was right once again.

Google Pixel 2 should become available next month, on October 5, according to some new leaks. We can only wonder when we will see a Snapdragon 836 release.

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