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[Download] Facebook Beta Improves the App’s Speed and Reliability


There’s no doubt that Facebook holds the title as being the most popular social media platform ever made. Mark Zuckerberg struck gold when he developed Facebook and created the perfect place where people can keep with their friends. However, Facebook quickly evolved to the point that every brand, business and even local corner store has a profile on it.

Therefore, Facebook is no longer just an app where people can find their old high school friends and set up meetings. Facebook is so much more than that since people use it to share their views, ideas and companies use it to advertise their products.

Facebook Beta

However, the thing that makes Facebook stand out the most in comparison with other social media platforms is the number of updates it receives. In fact, Facebook has just been updated to the version and the APK can be manually installed right now.

The new update has been developed with the sole purpose of enhancing the app’s speed and reliability. Therefore, the update doesn’t include any major groundbreaking features. However, it does make the app run smoother and it stops it from randomly crashing which makes this update quite important.

News and Current Events

One of the things that Facebook has been focusing on is helping users stay connected with the latest and most current events around the world. The way in which Facebook achieved this goal is by allowing media outlets to live stream and share reports. For example, users can subscribe to their favorite celebrities, brands or news outlets and they will always be kept up to date with the latest news regarding them.

Sharing Ideas

Another cool thing about Facebook is the fact that it gives people a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. The app’s timeline and status updates makes it easier to share thoughts on current events. Not only that, since people can also use Facebook’s status feature to share important events in their lives such as a pregnancy announcement for example.

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