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[Download] Google Maps Version APK v9.63.1 Which Fixes Annoying Bugs


Google Maps is one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. The app makes navigation easier for Android fans since it provides them with a detailed map of the world. Google Maps is so detailed that it includes local business, travel spots and even the name of every street. Nonetheless, the reason we are talking about Google Maps today is because it received a new update.

Google Maps Version 9.63.1

The Android parent recently issued a new update for Google Maps and the APK version can be downloaded right now. This new update brings Google Maps to the 9.63.1 build number and it takes care of a handful of annoying bugs.

Traffic Information

One of the best things about Google Maps is the fact that it records traffic information. Therefore, the app will always make sure to select the shortest route to any destination. Considering that Google Maps takes in account live traffic, incidents and weather condition reports makes it a necessary app for people who live in highly populated areas.

Accurate Maps in 220 Countries and Territories

We think it’s safe to say that there isn’t any app that’s able to go toe to toe with Google Maps when it comes to coverage. Google recorded detailed information from over 220 countries and territories. Things get even better since the Maps app also includes a Street View mode that includes indoor imagery for restaurants, museums and so on.

Travel Companion

There are many travel companion apps but there isn’t one that’s as valuable as Google Maps. Not only will this app provide users with the best navigation route but it will also provide tourists with important information about the places they are visiting. For example, Google Maps will always make sure to display every attraction in the area such as museums, zoos and sightseeing areas.

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