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Gmail Features ‘Undo Send’ Option – Enable it Now!


If you’re the kind of person that usually sends a lot of emails and then realizes that you forgot to add something in an email or you sent it to the wrong person, then don’t worry! Gmail has had this feature for two years but not many users have been aware of it or they didn’t know what it actually does.

There is Time to Right the Wrong!

You got it, you can Undo your sent email, as long as you enable the feature in Gmail. But there’s a catch to it: you only have between 5-30 seconds to retrieve the sent email. So, what is Gmail doing for you? It will delay the time of sending your emails for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds so that you can stop it from being sent in that period of time. But after the maximum time has passed, the email is going to be sent.

If you are still interested in this feature, then here is how to activate it.

The feature is found in the Gmail settings, after you log into your account. You’ll have to go to settings (the gear icon at the top right corner of the Gmail page) and you’ll choose ‘Settings’ from the list. In the ‘General’ tab you’ll see ‘Undo Send’, you will have to check the box for ‘Enable Undo Send’ and select a cancellation period. This period will allow you the time in which you can act to undo sending the emails. At the bottom of the ‘Settings’ window you will have to save the changes and you are done.

With this option enabled, whenever you will send an email you will see a pop-up notification on top of the inbox. This notification will tell you that you can undo or view your email. This notification will be there as long as the cancellation period was selected in the settings menu. If the period passes, then the email will be sent.

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