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Download Google Play Services 11.5.18 APK For Free Now


Google Play Services is usually pre-installed on most Android devices, and it’s an app that provides the core functionality. Google Play Services updates all Google apps and other apps from Google Play Store. If one uninstalls Google Play Services, apps may stop functioning. On the different Android OS devices, the latest update of Google Play Services is required for certain apps can be operational. Google Play Services plays a major role in the functionality of all native and downloaded apps.

Authentication of Google services, synchronization of contacts, provision of access to the newest privacy settings, and better location-based services are some of the core functionalities provided by Google Play Services. Newer versions of Google Play Services offer the best of these functionalities.

Google Play Services also helps with offline searches, provides enhanced app and gaming experience, provides improved maps, and constantly checks for app updates on Google Play Store. With updates, Google Play Services functions more efficiently.

The Google Play Services 11.5.18 (440-170253583) version is the latest Google Play Services APK update. This update was released on the 8th of October, and it offers stability and performance improvements. This latest update includes Maps API v2 for Android Wear and improvements on Wear API such as bidirectional data transfer between devices with Channel API. Google Play Services 11.5.18 version also comes with Fit, Location, and Places API improvements.

This Google Play Services version is compatible with most Android OSs. Android KitKat (4.4), Android lollipop (5, 5.1), Android marshmallow (6), and Android Nougat (7) are all compatible with Google Play Service 11.5.18. It also works on most Android devices. Google Play Services updates offer the best user experience and security and can be downloaded as APK files. That means you can get the latest Google Play Services anywhere you are and enjoy its features.

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