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[Download] Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1 with New Compatibility


If you were waiting for a new update that will improve the way you run Android apps without any installation, you should know that Google comes with a brand new release of Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1. This release will come with many benefits for the users and they will have plenty of new options.

APK configuration

With this Android Instant Apps SDK release, developers can isolate any native libraries and resources into the independent configuration APKs. These means that only the resources and the libraries that are needed by the user’s device will be loaded by the applications that use these configuration APKs. As a consequence of that, apps will have a smaller size than before, which can be a good thing for storage.

Additionally, the company added that the binaries’ size has been reduced 10%. This goes for the binaries that are loaded when supporting configuration APKs that are needed for language, CPU architecture or display density.

Android compatibility

You should also know that this new Instant Apps update will also work for older devices of Android. Therefore, you can still get it if your device is running Android Framework, such as Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, and Android Nougat. For any installed app there should be a ZIP file with the instant storage of the app, by calling InstantAppsClient.getInstantAppData() using the Instant Apps Google Play Services API.

Therefore, this new Android Instant App SDK update comes with configuration APKs, NDK support that has been improved. Also there is a new API that should maintain user context whenever you switch from an instant app to one that is installed. If you are a developer, you should update the Instant Apps Development ASK to 1.1.0. and check out the latest features.

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