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Pokémon Go AR Photography Contest – How To Participate?


Pokémon Go fans have the chance of winning a Pokémon Go accessory. Players need to take shots of Pokémon in Pokémon Go and the top ten AR photographers will receive the accessory. The poster signed by the Niantic team and the wireless   Bluetooth headphones are incredible prizes for any real Pokémon Go fan.

How to participate

Those interested need to take an in-game screenshot and then share it on Instagram, using the following hashtag: #PokemonGo Contest.

Enthusiasts need to know that the shot they take need not include people, only pocket monsters. After all the shots are sent, judges will decide the winner based on three main components: originality, fun and creativity. The best way to have a shot at winning is to venture out to new horizons. The lucky winners will be announced on the 25th of October via Instagram.

Those who want to read the official contest rules can consult the Niantic website.

More on Pokémon Go

The game was released for iOS and Android devices last year and it became a global phenomenon. Players can create their own avatar in the location-based augmented reality and they have to guide themselves following a map based on their geographical location. Places where they can go include PokeStops and Pokegyms. The stops are places where players can find items such a lure modules, used to attract rare Pokémon monsters, and gyms are used as battle location.

The game is free to play and it also offers in-app purchase such as Poke Balls, lure modules, incense to attract Pokemon monsters.

The Pokémon Go Plus is a device which players use to perform actions within the game without looking at their smartphone. The device works with the help of a low energy Bluetooth.

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