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[Download] Google Play Store 8.2.58 Latest Version with New Navigation Features


It did not pass much time since we received the previous update from Google Play Store, but now Google released another one. Android users can get their hands on this APK and check out the latest additions. Obviously, this is not a major update, but it does come with some improvements, and you can even notice some visual changes. The file weighs in at 18.27 MB and it should download normally.

Keep the Google Play Store app up to date

You already know how important it is to constantly update your apps. This is also the case for Google Play Store since it is such an important app for your device. Google already released many versions this month, including version 8.1.73, 8.2.32, 8.2.36, 8.2.38, version 8.2.55, and 8.2.56. If you do not like to download APK files you can always wait until the official version is released. No matter what, there is no excuse for not keeping your apps up to date.

Updates are made for the users. Some of them will come with noticeable changes, like the previous Play Store updates that came with a dedicated button and a new bar for navigation that looks and functions like a sub-menu, making most of the bars of the app nested, unless you open a search result screen or the listing of an app.

However, even if some updates come without any visual improvements, that does not mean that you should not download them. All updates, such as version 8.2.58 come with enhancements and bug fixes that are meant to improve the experience of the users. That is the reason why Google releases frequent Play Store updates.

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