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iOS 11 Jailbreak Huge Breakthrough Brings Hope


Apple has worked hard to stop the jailbreaking community and it appeared that it has succeeded. Not only that the company managed to bring many features to its device in order to make jailbreaking useless, but it has also upgraded its software so that developers won’t be able to crack it. As a consequence of that, no one was able to come with a jailbreak for more recent iOS versions, and jailbreaking fans had to stick to older versions if they wanted to enjoy those functions.

Someone managed to crack iOS 11

The jailbreaking community is way behind and that is why everyone was surprised to hear that an iOS 11 jailbreak has emerged. Don’t get too excited yet, you should know that right now the developer achieved root status, but we do not know if we can expect a public jailbreak yet.

The hero of the day is Luca Todesco. Many of you probably know him already since he is a jailbreak and security expert and he came with many useful releases. Right now it appears that he managed the impossible: he cracked the latest Apple OS.

We might never receive this jailbreak

Now comes the bad news. Luca Todesco has left the jailbreaking community a while ago and he did state that this decision is a permanent one. This might mean that jailbreaking iOS 11 is simply a personal achievement, and we will never be able to actually use his jailbreak.

However, this breakthrough is important since it shows that iOS 11 has its weaknesses. Even if Todesco won’t release anything, other developers might be inspired by his progress.

If you’re hoping for an upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak you should probably know that Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.0, so it may be a good thing to stick to that version.

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