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[Download] Google Chrome New Update Available with Security Updates


Google Chrome is a web browser released back in 2008 and so far one of the most popular web browsers worldwide.  The web browser is preferred due to its stability and options and it seems that it is about to get even better. Google is working on a new add-blocking update which will soon be released.

More on the update

In the next few weeks a new update will be released which will prepare users for even a greater one in January 2018. Next year’s update is supposed to mute autoplay videos for Google Chrome without the need of using ad blocker programs.

The update to be released on the 17th of October this year will become visible when users will notice a not secure warning in the browser’s address bar for different websites.

Users will notice the warning in two different occasions: when they try to enter data on a site which does not encrypt the connection (a risk for hackers to see all users’ information) and when users visit an unencrypted web site while on Incognito mode.

More announcements made by Google Chrome

It seems that Google takes the security issue very seriously and that is why Chrome is constantly getting more security updates.

On the same note, the future to be released update in January 2018 will stop videos from auto playing when entering websites. The updates will autoplay video only if the users have previously shown interest in that type of area.

The announcement was released in the Chromium blog post by Mounir Lamouri (software engineer working for Google).

According to Lamouri, Google is aware of how annoying autoplaying videos are for users since they consume data and battery while at the same time they are noisy as well.

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