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[Download] Clash of Clans APK v9.105.10 Major Update Makes the Game More Immersive


Clash of Clans fans should be happy to know that Supercell, the developer behind the game, is rolling out a major update. This is one of the most popular mobile games and it can often be found sitting on the first spot in the most downloaded apps category and this new update will ensure that it stays there. The update weighs in at 85.9MB and it brings Clash of Clan’s build number up to v9.105.10.

Clash of Clans APK v9.105.10

First off, we need to mention that this update is exclusive to the Android ecosystem and it requires a minimum of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream. There are a bunch of reasons why this mobile combat strategy game managed to amass such a huge fan base and Supercell’s constant stream of updates which make the game better with every patch is certainly one of them.

Even though the update weighs in at 85.9MB, it doesn’t contain any new in-game features. However, Clash of Clans fans should still update their game as soon as possible since this new update takes care of some highly irritating bugs.

No one likes to be annoyed by bugs or software issues and Supercell knows that too well. This is the reason why the game developer makes sure to roll out a steady number of updates which prevents that from happening.

Strategic, Fast-Paced Combat Game

Clash of Clans is an immersive combat strategy game which gives players the ability to take control over medieval characters such as Wizards, Barbarians and Dragons among many other mighty fighters. The best thing about this game though, is the fact that players get an opportunity to let their imagination go wild and show their strategic mindset through the way they decide to fight.

Free to Play

Considering how highly optimized Clash of Clans is, one would expect it to charge a monthly subscription. Luckily, this isn’t the case since Clash of Clans is completely free. Although, the way Supercell is making profits is through in-game purchases. Players are not forced in any way to spend money on anything since most of these in-game purchases are cosmetic changes.

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