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[Download] UC Browser Mini APK v10.7.8 Update Enhances User Experience and Speed


Nowadays, it seems like the browser industry is mainly ruled by Chrome, Firefox and Opera. However, UC Browser is quickly surpassing all of them. Alibaba, the company that’s in charge of developing UC Browser has made it clear that its purpose is to take over the reigns as the most popular browser in the world. Truth be told, UC Browser is actually quite close to achieving that goal since it holds the title as being the most downloaded app in China and India.

UC Browser Mini APK v10.7.8

What many might not know, is that there’s also a lighter version of Alibaba’s browser. The app is known as UC Browser Mini and it was recently brought up to the APK v10.7.8 version. This update is available for download right now and it requires a minimum Android version of 2.3.2 Gingerbread.

Key Features

UC Browser Mini features a simple user interface that’s quite refreshing in comparison with the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Even though UC Browser Mini offers a high-end user experience, the best thing about it is that it also offers the fastest downloads speeds. The browser is equipped with a special download manager that’s been carefully optimized to enhance download and page loading speeds.

Small Size

This is the Mini version of UC Browser which means that it’s quite small in size. While this might not sound as such an important feature, its actually quite relevant since it makes the browser perfect for low-spec phones.

Not everyone is able to afford a $800 smartphone and UC Browser Mini makes sure that everyone has access to fast download speeds and an enjoyable user experience despite their smartphone’s low performances. Finally, we need to mention that UC Browser Mini is completely free to download and that its exclusive to Android powered devices.

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