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PlayStation 5: Nintendo and Xbox Competition, Release Date and More


PlayStation 5 is on its way but we do not know yet when it will be released. Right now, fans don’t believe that an announcement will happen very soon since PS4 and PS4 Pro are still highly popular.

“Sony is making so much money with the PS4 that I think they’ll continue to milk it as long as they can milk it. And I think the natural extension of that is the PS4 Pro becomes the default PS4, and they just knock that price down to $250 when they can and they keep selling it — a ton of those. The PS5 is probably going to be their real 4K device, and so it just feels to me that they’re not going to launch the PS5 until sales momentum for the PS4 slows, and it just hasn’t,” securities analyst Michael Patcher explained.

Nintendo and Xbox might come with some surprises as well

It appears that PlayStation’s rivals, Xbox and Nintendo might come with some impressive features as well. Right now, most rumours talk about VR support. Fans were surprised to find out that dataminers discovered VR code support references when it came to Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One X might also come with some VR surprises, and so far we only the statement of the Xbox Marketing Manager.  “We’ll talk about VR when that happens. For us, we’re focussed this year on the X launch. There’s already so much we’re asking developers to do. We’ve said that we’re building for VR. Obviously Microsoft as a company is super invested in VR. For Xbox this year, it’s just not what we’re talking about. There’s always new things to talk about in the future,” Albert Penello declared.

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