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[Download] Minecraft Beta Update with 1.2.3 Patch and Bug Fixes


A new update for Minecraft Beta will be available focused on targets achievements and crashes. The Swedish video game developer, Mojang has declared that a new version of Minecraft “Better Together” will allow players from different devices (VR, Xbox, and Windows 10) to play together. So far, the game had some crashed, bugs and broken achievement, but the “Better Together” version does have fans excited. The new update will fix some of the issues mentioned.

Bugs fixed by the update patch 1.2.3:

The new update for Minecraft “Better Together” was able to fix a crash when the game was suspended by Xbox One users and it also unlocked Sniper Duel Achievment. Another fix only available for Xbox One is the one which occurred when players with blocked multiplayer privileges accepted an invite from another player.

General fixes included several crashes: when loading world chunks, when using crafting screen, when using a piston or a Nether portal and when Iron Golems were on converted worlds.

Players will also rejoice knowing that by pressing the A button no longer cancels Elytra flight and the player will ascend,   Iron Golems will cause enough Knockback effect and the texture offset of Mooshroom’s under layer is fixed.

More game fixes

Sheep stopped emitting two sounds when they are dying and the Guardians spawn in Ocean Monuments. Chats no longer freeze when massive chatting takes place and players can put skulls on the ground when snow layers are already there.  Also, pumpkins and mob heads can be equipped from the Creative inventory on Pocket UI.

Some other fixes include: the choose skin text will not flick anymore on the Skin Picker and damage_sensor to an entity does not prevent ‘/kill from working. Many other important fixes have been made I order to improve gamers’ experience.

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