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Everything to Consider When Choosing Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services to clean the office?

Keeping your office clean nowadays is more important than ever. You must make sure no traces of the virus that the pandemic brought about remains where you’ll spend most of your time at work. The only problem is that traditional cleaning methods won’t eliminate it and leave the virus to linger on surfaces longer.

This is where commercial cleaning contractors step in. These professionals can guarantee the cleanliness of your office and your safety from bacteria and viruses. However, the problem now is that there are a lot of options for contractors to choose from.

How do you know you’re getting the best of the best from these options?

Below, we’ve prepared a guide that helps you choose the right ones to hire. Read on to know what to consider when hiring commercial cleaners.


Experience in the Industry

Knowing the contractor’s commercial cleaning experience is essential when considering whether to hire them. This is because commercial cleaning standards are different from regular cleaning standards. These standards are much higher, and it makes a difference in how it impacts the office environment.

Experience is also vital as it impacts the contractor’s work ethic. Being in the industry for a long time means they’ve developed a system for cleaning. This allows them to get the job done faster and be thorough about it, too.

What’s more, experience allows contractors to work efficiently without instruction. This is important when considering that not everything can go as planned while they’re cleaning. They won’t stand around wasting time until they can reach you for instruction this way. 

To gauge a cleaning company’s experience, look at the individual contractors. Check out their portfolio to see how long they’ve been in the industry. Look for ones that have been consistently working within the last year.

Qualifications and Licenses

You should also take a look at the contracting company’s qualifications. Experience means nothing if they’re an unlicensed cleaning company. Employing such a service will only end badly for you.

For one, the unlicensed company can sue you for any injury sustained by their workers. They’ll claim that your household poses risks for any individual in the area.

You’ll end up paying the medical bills of their workers. You’ll also end up paying for the workdays they’ve missed from the injury. So, while it’s cheaper to hire them, you may pay a lot more than you bargained for in the end. 

Looking for licenses and other certificates that denote their qualifications also has other benefits. Safety standards in the industry get updated every now and then. These often involve new standards for handling equipment and such.

Licenses and certificates mean they keep themselves updated and educated. This way, there will be fewer accidents and other incidents while they clean your office.

Quality of Staff Members

As mentioned above, you should also look at each member of a cleaning company. Determine the overall professionalism of a contracting company based on its newest member. Doing this tells you a lot about how they handle hiring and training.

First, look at the staff member’s background. You’ll want to see a clean background. It’s a testament to their hiring process and how much their brand means to them in the industry.

If you see that the newest member has a pristine background, you can be confident that the others went through the same, thorough hiring process. Also, you should consider the work history of each employee. 

Doing this is crucial if you want to get the best that the company has to offer. Look for someone who’s been working in the company for a long time. The length of their service tells you a lot about their skill and the company’s standards. 

Services Offered

You’ll also want to check out the different services that they offer. Find out whether they provide a diverse list of services or if they only have one or two services for you. Finding the latter may be a red flag for the company.

This is because commercial cleaning contractors nowadays offer a wide array of services. They know that customers will be looking for different things, so it’s in their best interest to provide it. But, on the other hand, lacking services may mean the company isn’t up to par with its competition.

However, they need to learn and perfect the service first. Their reputation is on the line, after all. Lackluster performances will only cause adverse reactions from customers.

So, you can be confident in the ability of a contracting company that offers quite the selection of services. Finding one such company off the bat is ideal for you. 

Keep in touch with them for any service you need after the first time you hire them. You never know when you’ll need grout cleaning services later on along the line. It doesn’t hurt to subscribe to one service, too, since customer loyalty may get awarded with discounts and such. 

Equipment on Hand

Do your preferred commercial cleaning contractors have their own equipment? Knowing this is important as it can save you a lot of money.

Some cleaning contractors don’t have their own equipment. Instead, they count on their employers to provide the necessary tools and materials for them. It works for people with specific allergens, but it doesn’t mean everyone should provide their own materials.

A reputable company will provide its workers with their own materials for the job. Allergies won’t be a problem in this case, too. It’s a part of their job to ask clients for potential allergic reactions, anyway.

Providing their own materials means you don’t need to invest in them yourself. This way, you’ll only be paying for their services, significantly reducing how much you spend on cleaning.

Providing their own equipment also constitutes a deeper clean. Professionals use specific office cleaning equipment to help them do their job. These are much more effective at getting rid of stains and thoroughly cleaning the area.

Openness to Communication

Communication is important in any business setting. A good company will always be easy for you to reach for any reason. You never know when you’ll need to give them specific instructions on what they can and can’t clean. 

Being easy to reach is also essential for scheduling. There may be times when you need to update your schedule with them. You may not be able to accommodate their services at the formerly agreed-upon time.

Quickly getting in touch with them resolves any potential scheduling mishap. It’s also a great way to avoid getting on their negative side if you plan on being a long-term customer. 

Openness to communication also involves their receptiveness to feedback. Any decent company accepts that some clients prefer different things. They shouldn’t take offense to any feedback you leave about how they handled things in your office.

Liability Insurance

As mentioned above, unlicensed companies will sue you for injuries sustained by their workers. However, a credible company will have liability insurance to cover its employees. This will protect you from costs involved in accidents that happen on the job.

Some companies go further and have insurance that covers their client’s belongings, too. This protects your items in case one of the workers damages them on the job. A company with such insurance shows that they uphold professional ethics and how much they care for their clients.


Next, you should get a quote from the companies that you’ve selected so far. You’ll want to compare cleaning costs between each company. Doing so helps you get the best deal available.

You’ll often be able to get quotes from them after they do an office inspection. This will tell them what they have to work with, and how much work they’ll do to your office.

Don’t forget to ask for a comprehensive list of their potential costs. By doing this, you’ll see what you’re paying for.

You also get the opportunity to ask why certain services get priced higher by certain companies. Knowing the reason for the price difference should tell you the company’s thoughts on their service. 

Reviews and Testimonials

Finally, take a look at online customer reviews to finish off. These are the unbiased thoughts of previous clients regarding their service. Reading these will let you know their experience with the company and whether it’s a positive one.

Be on the lookout for overtly negative comments, as they may be fake reviews. It may be from someone paid to criticize the company to undermine them. Knowing how to spot fake comments will make it easier for you to filter through the honest thoughts of previous clients.

Hire the Best Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Commercial cleaning contractors can help keep your office in pristine condition. Know what to consider when hiring them to get yourself the best services available today.

Are you looking for more tips for managing the office and improving your work ethic? You’ll find more help from our other articles and guides. Check them out and watch your productivity grow now.

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