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Facebook Lite Update Available With Bug Fixes


Without any doubts Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. The developers of it have also released applications for mobile devices such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lite. The latter one has been released for devices that don’t come with the best specifications, but at the same time for mobile networks that are not that stable or fast.

The Facebook Lite application is compressing the data that’s found on the Facebook platform. This means that you will be able to access almost all the features that the Facebook and Facebook Messenger are offering. For example, using Facebook Lite you will be able to upload photos, post comments, write new posts, like posts, write private messages etc. Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to make voice and video calls, two of the features that the Facebook Messenger comes with.

The latest version of Facebook Lite that has just been released for devices running on Android OS is The installation file has only 262KB and it can be installed on any device that runs on the mentioned operating system.

The new Facebook Lite version doesn’t come with any new features or options, but it seems that it fixes some of the bugs that the developers have found in the previous version of the application.

Facebook Lite For Android Devices: Features

  • Installation file has less than 1MB meaning that you will install it in a few seconds;
  • Works great on all devices running on Android OS;
  • Uses less data than the Facebook App;
  • Works great with 2G mobile network or in zones where the connection is unstable;
  • You can send private messages without having to install Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Lite For Android Device: How To Install

The Facebook Lite is already available on the official Android store. All you will need to do is to open the Google Play Store App, search for Facebook Lite and install it on your Android device. When the installation is complete, you will have to use your mobile phone number/email and password and log into your Facebook account.

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