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Mass Effect Andromeda 1.05 Patch Preview Available with Bug Fixes


BioWare has announced the soon to be released 1.05 patch that will address the many issues that the players have been experiencing with the game right now. Some of the things that are going to be addressed in this patch include problems with latency and matchmaking, some limits will be increased and now players can skip the long cutscenes which appear when traveling to other planets.

Other issues that have garnered the attention and will be handled in 1.05 are the problems with saves not working as intended, your character getting stuck in different poses, using a strange zig-zag animation for running and some incorrect musical playbacks.

Changes that will also go into effect with the patch will include an increase in limits to the inventory, cheaper and easier to access remnant keys, improvements in lip-sync animation and various acting animations that happen during conversations. Localized voices will also be subject to some improvements as well as some much needed fixes to the eyes for the Human and Asari, both for the player and the NPCs.  Over the next two months, BioWare is going to start addressing all of the issues experienced at launch and will also focus on technical problems as well as gameplay ones.

Besides the fixes, there will also be some cosmetic items which will be added into the single-player part of the game for free.  As far as multiplayer is concerned, the studio is planning on adding new missions to the Apex component of the game, along with a new host of characters, weapons and armors.

Despite this good news, the future of Mass Effect Andromeda will, nevertheless, be in need of improvements in the cinematics and the animations that the game currently has, variety in the character creation screen and various upgrades as far as characters hair and appearances are concerned.  Luckily, BioWare seems to focusing on this and it’s on their clipboard.

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