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MacBook Pro 2017 Comes With New Specs and Release Date Details


According to the latest rumors, Intel should provide the CPU for the Apple Mac devices. Towards the end of last year the company offered us Kaby Lake, which makes people believe that this year we will enjoy the Cannon Lake model, which will be featured on the MacBook Pro 2017.


The Cannon Lake model is going to be the first generation made by Intel that will use a 10-nanometer process. This is meant to improve performance, but also to reduce the power consumption. In what concerns the Apple products, Cannon Lake will supposedly include support for the LPDDR4 type of memory, which will let the team create a MacBook Pro complete with 32 GB memory.

However, the possibility of a device with 32 GB RAM seems less and less plausible, since the company will most likely not bring a new RAM controller that would allow an extra 32 GB of DDR4 support, as Apple Insider has reported.

Release date

Sadly, we will not get the chance to see the new Cannon Lake chipset until next year. This is yet another hint that it will be included on the MacBook Pro 2017. Computer World reported that by the time MacBook Pro will be released, Intel would have already finished the production for their Cannon Lake product.

In the recent years, Apple has been raising the price for the Mac products without offering major updates. One example in this sense is the 16 GB RAM model. The company could actually double the RAM memory, but up until now they seemed to refuse to please their fans, who have repeatedly expressed this request. Phil Schiller, who works at Apple, previously explained in an email that they don’t think the MacBook Pro 2017 is going to need a huge RAM memory, since the 16 GB one is very fast anyway.

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