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Official full version of VidMate download is available now


When it comes to downloading content from streaming websites, there’s no service better than VidMate. It doesn’t matter whether you want to download content from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or even some music streaming websites. VidMate should be your go-to app whenever you want a copy of the content you’re paying for.

VidMate supports Tumblr as well as a lot of other websites out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to watch anime, regular old YouTube videos or content that wouldn’t be found on your everyday websites. VidMate should be your go-to app for all your media downloading purposes.


The Official Full Version of VidMate

When it comes to applications or browser extensions which download media files directly from YouTube. Google seems to hold a genuine stand against these. Causing them to be removed from the Play Store as well as from Chrome’s extensions.

But regardless of that, the official version of VidMate can be found and installed on any Android device without any issues. In order to download the full version of VidMate, smply go to their website and download the APK file.

Here’s a link to their website:

Once you have the APK downloaded though, you’ll need to open and install it. For most devices, you’ll need to allow applications from unknown sources to be installed on your android smartphone or tablet. This setting can be found under your phone’s security options but it may be different depending on your manufacturer.

It is important to make sure you get the official version of applications especially when it comes to allowing unknown sourced ones on your device. So make sure the VidMate version you get is directly from their website and not from anywhere else.

Bad news for iOS users who want VidMate

Due to how iOS operates and the strict regulations on the iTunes App Store. It is highly unlikely that VidMate is going to get an iOS version anytime soon.

This is purely because Android devices don’t need to undergo a “jailbreak” process in order to install applications from third parties. All they require is for the user to tick a single checkmark in the Android security settings. Thus, jailbreaking your phone, tablet or any other device, even your Smart TVs.

Compare that to the thorough and complicated process of jailbreaking iOS devices. It is simply not a priority for developers to invest valuable time into making an iOS application for a service that straight up allows users to pirate content at an individual level.

I personally do believe that users should have a right to save streaming content and view it later. Especially when they’re paying for the content. Which is why Netflix introduced a separate download option for its users on Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems.

What’s the Right Way to Install and Download VidMate?

There is always a proper way of doing things. And this applies to the installation of apps like VidMate. Why? Well, how you install and download VidMate will affect its performance. That is, if you are all for the full enjoyment of downloading videos on YouTube, DailyMotion and the like, it’s important to know the key details for the app to run smoothly on your own smartphone.

VidMate for Android

Android users are truly #blessed because VidMate basically runs on devices with the said operating system. But here’s a checklist of what you should be looking into when downloading and installing the app on your Android phone.

System. Check the VidMate version to see if it suits your current Android operating system. For example, the latest version released just days ago requires Android 4.0 and higher. If your device has a different or lower Android version, you can try the older versions of the app.

Storage. Look into the app’s size. Does your device have enough storage space? Or maybe, you need to delete some files to accommodate the app.

Security.  Android users have it generally easy with VidMate. Still, there’s one important setting that you have to know, more like to activate, when you install the app on your phone. From Settings, go to Security and then turn on the setting that allows installation of applications from sources other than Google Play.

VidMate for iOS?

For one, Apple through its iTunes platform is in full control of what apps go into its smartphones and tablets.

The people behind VidMate themselves have yet to release a version meant for iPhone users.

These two factors explain why VidMate is unfortunately not available for installing and downloading on iOS.

For now, iPhone users may have to content themselves with apps other than VidMate that are compatible with how their operating systems work.

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