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Future of Smartphones: 10 Crazy Predictions That Might Come True

From contact lenses with VR capabilities to chips implanted directly in the brain to communicate with a computer, everyone is wondering: what could future smartphones look like?

This all may sound like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars, but the fact is many of these technologies already exist today.

Do you want to hear some of the exciting predictions for the future of smartphones?

Keep reading below to hear what the experts are saying about upcoming phone features. We have listed ten predictions that are about to come true or already exist on your phone.


1. The Future of Smartphones: Artificial Intelligence

AI is learning technology. It can serve as your partner in making important decisions related to work, shopping, entertainment, or even directions while driving. We currently use it with Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

The use of AI in smartphones has been limited so far because the technology requires a lot of power. Recently, researchers at MIT created a neural-network chip that requires 10 times less power than the current processing units.

The technology is catching up with the need, which means we could be using more AI shortly.

2. Say Goodbye to Smartphone Wires & Ports

Smartphone developers discovered a long time ago that ports were trouble. No matter how they were engineered, they let in water and dust.

Apple was one of the first to get rid of their headphone jack. Most users now have Bluetooth headsets anyway. Others can still connect through the remaining power port. But, that too may be a relic soon.

With the growing popularity of wireless charging bases, smartphone users no longer need ports or wires at all.

3. More Personalized Operating Systems

New technology for computers and smartphones is all about personalization. People want the system to work for them, not the other way around.

Apple debuted macOS 11 Big Sur in June 2020. It’s the first operating system designed for the company’s new silicon chips.

What are the Big Sur features? The updated Safari is 50% faster than Chrome and more personalized. It also features an enhanced Control Center and is better connected to the Catalyst App.

4. Smartphones May No Longer Need Buttons

The same philosophy on ports is now being applied to physical buttons. Developers are trying to simplify phone designs. Buttons are a potential failure point.

Some companies are creating virtual buttons through “software-designed surfaces.” This provides more flexibility for what a button can do.

One issue with virtual buttons are false touches, yet AI technology may be used to determine when it is pressed accidentally.

5. Embedding SIM Cards of the Future

We’ve all dealt with SIM cards in our smartphones or digital cameras. In phones, they store all of our personal information and are unique to each user.

The issue with SIM cards is they need to be switched if you’re changing phone carriers or traveling in places with a different carrier than yours. The embedded SIM card fixes this issue.

eSIM cards are a permanent fixture in the phone, making it easier to switch carriers or manage multiple accounts in minutes. No more opening the phone to take out a card.

6. Smartphones — One Device to Rule Them All

The modern smartphone has already evolved so much in only two decades. What started as a simple phone with a few silly ringtones or 8-bit games is now the center of our universes.

Smartphones today are used for communication, entertainment, shopping, wellness, finding a job, and much more.

They will be further incorporated into our lives, more than we could ever imagine. Developers are already working on ways to operate smartphones using brainwaves!

7. Incorporating More Wearable Smartphone Technology

The Apple Watch paved the way for wearable smartphone technology. Some doubted if the watches would take off. But, worldwide shipments of smartwatches increased by 25% between 2018 and 2019.

People love the convenience of these watches and how much they’re capable of doing.

The future may very well bring us rings, shoes, bands, or more personal items that sync with our smartphones.

Even more exciting are the ideas of developing contact lenses with a personal assistant or shirts that check your vitals while exercising.

8. Making Tomorrow’s Smartphones Indestructible

One complaint made against today’s cell phones is their vulnerability. One drop can crack an entire screen or a few droplets of water can fry the entire device.

As technology has become more advanced, the phones are more delicate. Part of designing more rugged smartphones is allowing the devices to fold.

Engineers are now testing the use of graphene. It’s a thin, lightweight, and flexible material over 200 times stronger than steel. According to them, it could make the future smartphone indestructible.

9. Adding More Camera Lenses to Smartphones

Most smartphone cameras rival digital cameras in image quality. A new genre of taking pictures—smartphone photography—has even taken off.

Phones are now outfitted with two camera lenses in the front and a reverse camera. Expect smartphones of the future to add more advanced lenses that improve functionality and resolution.

They may even allow lenses to be detached and replaced based on what type of picture is being taken.

10. Facial Recognition Technology to Secure Devices

Keeping smartphones secure is a top priority. Passcodes have been used for years to stop unauthorized access to the phone, but the future will likely be facial recognition technology.

Many devices already have a basic form of this technology. The problem is it’s based on a 2D facial recognition algorithm, which is not very secure. Photographs can be used by thieves to gain access.

As advances are made in facial recognition technology and smartphone cameras are improved, expect this to be the standard method of opening your phone.

Embrace New Smartphone Technology

The future of smartphones is exciting and it’s time for us to embrace what’s to come. Some of the predictions we listed already exist, others are close to being released or mass-produced.

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