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GBWhatsApp+ Vs. GBWhatsApp Vs. GBWhatsApp3: Which One Is Best?


Multiple versions of GBWhatsApp have already surfaced online, but still many people are unaware of some of its individual uses. Consequently, this can affect their user experience for that matter.



  • MOD version of the official WhatsApp messaging app
  • More emojis than the regular WhatsApp
  • Enables users to use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile device
  • Does not require rooting your Android mobile device to run this app
  • Has 240 characters to allow users to express more about themselves on a status
  • Hides the Last Seen status of the user without affecting the Last Activity or Last Seen status of others
  • Ability to block annoying callers via a customized call list

GBWhatsApp Plus

  • Removed the Redirect link upon opening WhatsApp
  • Provides support for video and voice calls
  • Has added some privacy mods
  • 100+ theme mods
  • Has a theme server where you can download and apply themes
  • Provides media preview
  • Able to send video size of up to 1GB instead of the previous 32MB limit
  • Ability to send 90 images all at once

GBWhatsApp 3

As of the moment, a lot of people have been expecting to see GBWhatsApp 3. Perhaps this is the updated version of GBWhatsApp Plus, but it is yet to be released for the public.

However, another upgrade to WhatsApp Plus with several features would surprise its users. Here are some of the exclusive features you can expect out of WhatsApp Plus Reborn.

  • Ban-proof
  • Improved privacy hiding and security compared to WhatsApp Plus
  • Allows multiple themes
  • Supports unlimited number of images at once
  • Allows customization for colors, themes, and widgets

If you want to enjoy the latest features of GBWhatsApp, then you have to upgrade the installed version on your mobile device. Take note that upgrading this app requires you to enable Unknown Sources on your Android mobile device before you can install it.

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