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Is It Possible To Have 3 WhatsApp Accounts With Different Numbers In Single Android Phone?


You can now have 2 or more WhatsApp account with different numbers in one Android mobile device. Of course, you need to have a dual-SIM smartphone that can handle this.


WhatsApp accounts on Xiaomi devices

Here are easy ways on how to handle a couple of WhatsApp accounts on a Xiaomi having different numbers in a single device.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Tap the Dual Apps option. For some phones, they refer to App Twin and Clone App
  • A list of apps can be choosen by using the toggles on the side
  • Then, you can turn the toggle on in order to clone any app that you prefer

Take note that app cloning can be supported by your mobile smartphone, so check if your device can support this.

Here are things that you can do, specifically with your Vivo smartphone.

  • Simply go to Settings
  • Find App Clone by scrolling down and then tap it
  • You need to toggle the switch so that you can enable Display the Clone button
  • Then, install the app on your phone via Google Play Store
  • Long press on the app icon so that you can have an option to remove the app. You can also have a “+” symbol for apps like WhatsApp
  • You need to tap the symbol in order to clone the app on your mobile device.

Limitations of setting up WhatsApp accounts

You can now set up the second WhatsApp account on your mobile device, just as you did on the first one. However, you may not be able to set up a third app if you only have a dual-SIM device. This would put the smartphone to its limit, since it only has a couple of vacant slots.

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