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Get The Latest WhatsApp Update For Samsung Galaxy And Older Devices


If you are using a Samsung Galaxy mobile device, you should know that it has a wide range of versions. So, whatever Samsung Galaxy you are using, the version of WhatsApp that you can download and install on your phone depends on it.


Most recent version of WhatsApp

The most recent version of WhatsApp is 2.18.154, which you can download from the official WhatsApp website at the link If you visit the Google Play Store, you can notice the size and the version of the compatible device will depend on what type of Android smartphone you are using.

Features of WhatsApp new version

The new features offered by the latest version of WhatsApp include group admin rights update. Thus, if you are an administrator of a particular group, you are now given the privileges to remove the admin rights of other members.

Simply select the admin from the Group info and then tap the option Dismiss as admin. At the same time, you can now select who can modify the subject of a group, if you are a Group administrator. Likewise, you can modify the icon and the description by simply going to the Group info and tap Group settings.

How to download WhatsApp to Samsung Galaxy

Basically, your Samsung Galaxy can download and install WhatsApp considering it is running behind the Android 2.3.3 firmware or higher. You also have to have an unlimited data plan if you want to install WhatsApp on your Android mobile device. However, you should know that this may not work on your Android tablet because this app is not yet supported.

Final Say

If your Samsung Galaxy device is older than most models, you can refer to the official website of Samsung to learn more about its compatibility with your device before you install. Otherwise, WhatsApp can’t be found on the Google Play Store from the device you are using.

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