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Aptoide Vs Google Play Store: Here Are Top Points To Ponder


The Google Play Store is the official marketplace for apps for Android, which is commonly pre-installed on most devices. But, did you know that there is a new challenger that poses a threat to the good old Play Store?

The new app is called Aptoide, which can’t be found on the Play Store. This is basically just like the Play Store, but there are a few differences that could set aside one from the other.


Comparison Based On Popularity

     Google Play Store

No other Android marketplace can really match the Play Store in terms of popularity for the moment. At the same time, the Play Store has also become the biggest Android market because it has already made its name.


On the contrary, the Play Store may not be on top for always. This is because things are expected to change, as Aptoide has become a great contender with its notable features.


It terms of security, both the Play Store and Aptoide are unquestionable. Aptoide, for instance, is safe because it has been developed on the Java platform.

So, when it comes to compatibility issues, there should be no problem in that department. This is because millions of apps are running on the Java platform.


    Play Store

People should have a lot of apps to get when you consider both app stores. However, the numbers that the Play Store have put up have been tremendous.

At the same time, the Play Store offers more apps, as it has been around before Aptoide did. Thus, it is a fact that the Play Store dominates this category.


On the other hand, Aptoide offers more apps not available on the Play Store. So, whenever you won’t find an app from the Play Store, you can search it right away from Aptoide.

Costs Of Apps

Of course, the Play Store would offer free and paid apps, but Aptoide is different. This is due to the fact that Aptoide offers every app in the marketplace even the premium apps are offered for free.


     Play Store

It will be impossible to revert to a previous of the app you have installed with the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can’t set up your marketplace.


Aptoide is different because it will enable you to return to a previous version of the app. At the same time, it enables you to set up your marketplace, as it offers you to showcase your apps.

Regional Restriction

Some countries like China have restricted the Play Store, so people are not given access to the apps offered at the marketplace. Aptoide, on the other hand, has made no restrictions, as it has made the apps available everywhere you are in the world.


In the clash of Aptoide vs Google Play Store, not everyone has the same reactions. This is because each user has different perspectives.

However, if you are going to consider flexibility and cost, a lot of users would prefer Aptoide instead of the Google Play Store.

In terms of popularity, you might be able to count on the Google Play Store, as it is the leading marketplace for Android users.

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