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Gmail Update – Have You Seen Its Latest Features Yet?


Google has already accustomed all its users with new improvements on its products permanently. That is also the case for Gmail. This app allows users to save time and keep their messages secure on any device. It also allows users to get instant messages through push notifications.

New features of the Gmail update

The update gives users a way to manage their account by reading all emails in one location without the need to switch accounts. Most email accounts from other companies ask users to switch users to read email from other accounts. The new Gmail update allows users to read emails from other accounts in conversations view.

Google Drive services will allow users to preview large attachments and to same emails into their Drive account with a single tap of the responsive animation.

Another bonus feature is the rich text formatting, available from all devices, including Android or iOS ones. Also, Google has made it a top priority to fix remaining bugs and improving the service. Gmail users are also able to rsvp instantly to Gmail apps from their smartphones.

Gmail users have more power than ever

The new update will allow users to add formatting features to the already existing content. This means that texts can be formatted to underline, bold, italic, colored and highlighted. Users will be able to highlight the importance of a particular topic from inside an email received so as to alert the receiver.

For those in a hurry, the new update allows users to respond using Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar by just a simple tap. This new update will help users to work faster, without the need of using a separate app.

The purpose of the new Gmail version is to help users by bringing in features which help them save time.

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