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Google Allo 21.0.023_RC06 Download APK Update for Enhanced Stability


People who enjoy online chatting are certainly going to love Google Allo. This Is a smart messaging chatting platform that contains numerous features which serve the sole purpose of making communication a more enjoyable experience. For example, one of Google Allo’s key features is the fact that it brings Google Assistant.

Google Allo 21.0.023_RC06

One of the best things about using Google’s apps is that they are constantly being enhanced and tweaked through updates. This is what’s happening with Google Allo right now since a new APK which brings its version number up to 21.0.023_RC06 has just been made available for download.

This new update does not include any groundbreaking, innovative features since its focused on improving the chatting experience through bug fixes instead. No one likes it when their apps start malfunctioning or crashing and this is why bug fixes are so important. Not only will these bugs prevent Google Allo from crashing in the first place, but they will also improve its overall performance.

Google Assistant Integration

Nearly every operating system has its own artificial intelligence software and Google Allo introduces Google Assistant. As its name implies, this virtual assistant is developed by Google and its exclusive to the Android operating system. Moreover, Google Assistants can be used for many things starting with setting new destination routes to finding top-rated restaurants.

Incognito Mode

The second most important feature that Google Allo features is the incognito mode. This mode gives users the ability to send end-to-end encrypted messages which ensure their privacy. Moreover, this mode also uses private notifications that make it easier for users to keep their conversation more discreet and to also control how much time messages can stick around before disappearing. We think it’s safe to say that this mode has numerous purposes and that it’s a key selling point for Google Allo.

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