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Google Chrome: Stopping Adobe Flash Player From Crashing


According to Adobe, a bug that was causing the Flash Player to crash in Google Chrome has been fixed. However, if you are still facing issues, you should make sure that you run the latest version of the Google Chrome.

We have to remind you that Google has currently disabled the Flash Player by default in Chrome. In other words, the browser will ask you to enable it only when you will visit a website that has Flash content on it.

The big search engine company claims that HTML5 is lighter and faster and that there are big companies that have already switched to it and ditched the Flash Player from their websites.

How To Stop Flash From Crashing In Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome, then there are high chances that the Flash plugin will crash for some reason. However, don’t worry, because today we will give you an idea on how to fix this problem.

Not many know, but Google Chrome comes with its own version of Adobe Flash Player, which is built in the browser. In other words, when the Google Chrome is being updated, Flash Player is also being updated.

Updating Google Chrome

In the past, you could just disable any extra Flash plugin to fix the crash issue, but the latest Google Chrome version comes with only a single Flash plugin. Adobe claimed that there was a known bug in the older versions of Google Chrome, which was causing the Flash Player to not run properly. However, this has now been fixed and it should work without randomly crashing for any reason.

So, if you notice that the Flash Player is causing your Google Chrome to crash, try to see if there is a new version of the browser by heading to Help->About Google Chrome.

Disabling Extensions

If you already have the latest Google Chrome version installed, you can try to disable some of the extensions and disable them and see if that works. In order to disable extensions write “about:extensions” in the address bar of the browser and you will notice that there is a list of plugins installed. After disabling the extensions, try restarting the browser and see if it still crashes. If the browser is not crashing anymore, you can just try to enable extensions 1-by-1 in order to find the exact extension that’s causing the issue.

Updating Drivers

Not many know, but sometimes some of the crashing issues are not caused by the Flash Player or the extensions that you have installed on the Google Chrome browser. It seems that most of the times, some out-of-date drivers can cause this problem. This is the reason why we suggest you to make sure that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed.

Adobe claims that most of the time, the poor performance of Flash Player and random crashes are caused by the graphics cards, which are not functioning properly because of the old drivers that are installed on the computer.

Using Firefox Or Any Other Browser

If none of the mentioned things that we’ve told you above is fixing your problem, then we suggest you to try another browser and see if you have the same crashing issues with it also. After installing Firefox (or any other browser), try to load the same web pages that were causing the Google Chrome browser to crash. If Firefox doesn’t crash, then there is something wrong with Chrome browser and you should just stick to the new browser until the issue is solved by the developers from Google.

Are you using Google Chrome on your computer? Tell us how you’ve fixed the random crashing issues on this browser!

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