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Google Chrome Update Available With Page Jumping Changes


One of the issues facing many web-surfers these days is when page jumping happens. A generic example of this is when you click a link for an article on a website, then you start scrolling down that page to read it and all of a sudden it jumps you back up to the top of the article by itself.

This happens because most likely the website has a type of image or banner ad at the top of the page you’ve accessed and it’s trying to grab your attention by taking you to the top of the page. It’s especially irritating when all you want is to read the information on the article without interruptions. Luckily for us, Google has implemented updates into its Chrome browser which will be designed to fight off the annoying jumps.

Google has named this feature in the update ‘’scroll anchoring’’ and according to tests done, it makes a significant difference when a website decides to insert adds or images at the top of the page in order to forcefully grab your attention. Google has claimed that with scroll anchoring implemented in the recent Chrome 56 update, it has resulted in an average of three ‘’jumps’’ being removed when you are viewing a page. As usual, Google has released more information and the specs of its scroll anchoring feature on GitHub. This is made in the hope that as many designers as possible will start taking their own steps in order to prevent jumping on their website.

This is sadly a growing trend, where pages try more and more aggressively to make you click stuff or read their adverts. Hopefully, Google will be making more and more improvements to their scroll anchor feature to make it more efficient.

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