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How to Upgrade to the Latest Windows 10 OS


Want to get the latest Windows 10 Creators Update?

Now that it’s been rolled out to users across the globe, it will be automatically pushed out to most users. Most being the operative word because not everyone may all get the update on April 11. If you don’t want to wait, you can always download the latest OS using the Windows 10’s Update Assistant tool.

Simply download the executable file, install and then run to automatically download and start the set up for Windows 10 Creators Update. Note that the update tool does not support Windows Enterprise and Education editions.

Whether you wait for the automatic update or use the updater, it is important that you prepare your PC first to ensure a smooth transition from the basic version to the latest OS.

Preparing your computer for the Windows 10 Creators Update

  • Clean up clutter to ensure you have enough disk space on your C:\ drive for the update. There is no official word about the size of the update, but 10GB is the number that is generally thrown around. Better to have this much or more space free.
  • Backup your Steam library and other important data. The worse thing that can happen during an OS update is losing all the data you worked hard to level up your game character.
  • Check and update drivers, especially your network driver. It has been known to happen that network connectivity stops working during a major system update. It is best to update drivers beforehand or download drivers in a standalone
  • Make a list of all software licenses. In case you need to re-install applications, you want to have a copy of all of them.

Lastly, before you enjoy the advantages of Windows 10 Creators Update, take note of privacy settings since the latest OS may cause it to revert back to default settings, especially if the upgrade is done manually.

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