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AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Squares Off Against Core i5 – Prices and Performance Comparison


AMD has announced its new mid-range offerings in direct competition with Intel’s Core i5 and It boasts some strong points in comparison with its competitor. At $250, the Ryzen 5 1600X has six cores and twelve threads comprised of AMD’s newest microarchitecture. This is in comparison with the Core i5, which only has four cores and no threading. Although based the Core i5 is based on the Kaby Lake and will host an instructions-per-clock strong point, it is still a difficult climb for it since its competitor has 50% extra cores and twice the number of threads.

In contrast with the Ryzen 7, which was released as a competitor against 2 Generation Old Intel CPUs, the Ryzen 5 will be squaring off against Intel’s latest and leading designs. Market prices for the more mid-tier processes are more sensitive than the others and as such, AMD is launching Ryzen 5 at a similar price to its Intel contender.  AMD seems to be trying to fight it off in terms of quality rather than prices, by offering more threads and more cores.

As far as memory is concerned, Ryzen 5 will support DDR4 ECC and also Non-ECC, and the memory support that Ryzen 7 had will be the same.

The Ryzen 5 1600X sits at a price tag of $249 and is competing directly with the i5-7600K which is priced at $242. Tests have shown that the AMD will not win much when it comes to single-threaded processes but the situation changes with multi-threading comes into play.

We are the situation right now where manufacturers of motherboards are completely overwhelmed by AMD motherboards. Due to this, distributors are starting to build up stocks on various models. For the Ryzen 5, AMD will be setting up the B350 chipset as its base for motherboards, particularly when it’s compared with Intel’s b250 motherboards for the Kaby Lake processors.

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