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FedEx Gives Discount to Customers Who Install Adobe Flash Player


Global logistics company FedEx is giving a $5 discount to its Office Print customers if they would install Adobe Flash Player.

Office Print is a service that allows people to create posters, brochures, fliers, banners, manuals, and other signs that are used in business and advertising. Users make their own designs using an online tool and, once they’re satisfied with the colors, text, and outline of their materials, they can place their orders and pay for them. FedEx will then deliver the finished products in a few days.

The problem is that the online design tool is based on Adobe Flash Player. So, those who have uninstalled or disabled to plugin will not be able to use the tool to create their designs.

To get around this issue, FedEx has decided to “bribe” customers to get Adobe Flash Player. If a customer installs the plugin or enables it in his browser, FedEx will give him a $5 voucher that he can use on his next purchase, as long as it’s worth $30 and above.

Writing on, Gabe Carey points out that this is a “lazy workaround for a company” that has enough resources to redesign its website and base it on HTML5, which is a lot more secure than Adobe Flash Player. It’s not like this is impossible to do — Facebook, YouTube, and other popular websites have mostly switched to HTML5 to safeguard the safety and security of their users.

However, FedEx’s decision is also understandable. Flash Player is still around, so there’s no sense in spending money on web redesign when many people are still using Adobe’s vintage plugin. FedEx might eventually give in and switch to HTML5 but, for now, it looks like Flash Player is here to stay.

If you need to print some leaflets or posters, there’s no harm in installing Adobe Flash Player — you’ll get your printed materials and score a $5 discount. Just make sure to disable or uninstall it once you’re done to keep your computer safe.

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